About Me

Devyn Dawson Devyn is an Oklahoma native, but now she kicks up her boots in New Bern, North Carolina. Her writing style is eclectic with flawed characters. Her passion is writing for young adults, and will soon dabble in children's literature. Most of her stories have characters who are struggling with some type of tragedy or home-life issues. This is her way of giving the reader something to relate to, or find empathy for anyone they may know who is going through a rough patch. When she isn't writing, she is reading or playing with her grandchildren. devyndawson@yahoo.com Instagram - devyndawson Pinterest - msscaredcat **each series has a board with her dream cast, go check it out**

John Lennon said it all with Imagine.  I too imagine, do you?  This is such a crazy world right now, can we find peace and dignity without bloodshed?   Don't be afraid to wish for a better world.  ~ Devyn

The Independent Author Network


If you're a teen and you're writing a book, please join my group on Facebook - YA Hooligans Writing Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/327896924017236/

If you don't live in Craven County, you can still join the group and be mentored by myself or another local author.  We will have peer mentoring too!  The YA Hooligans will be meeting in person starting Jan 2014 - we'll meet either at New Bern Library or Books a Million in New Bern.  I don't bite, I promise!


Thank you all for making my books successful.  You make my heart smile :D

You can now get your e-book signed for your Kindle, Nook or whatever version you have of the book through Authorgraph.  WWW.AUTHORGRAPH.COM   It is free and there are over 5000 authors on the list.  Nov 1, they made it available to people without Twitter - go check it out.  Super easy!

Thank you to everyone that has read and loved my books.  I feel like I grow as a writer with every book.  XOXO Devyn



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